Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy or brilliant? The test chair.

In an earlier post, Delicious Dining Rooms,  I showed some dining room chairs that had been painted white.  I just love the look.  My Mom gasped when I mentioned painting my chairs.  It's one of those decisions that seems huge but really... they ARE just chairs.  Not antique, priceless chairs... just nice cherry chairs that came with the set.  They are not irreplaceable.  So... I found two similar chairs at Goodwill.  (Got to LOVE Goodwill - right?)  
Here's the test chair....
 So... what do you think?  I did learn something very important.  Painting these by hand is NOT going to be a good idea.  With that many little crooks and crannies, it's hard to get good coverage without drips and runs.
Fortunately I have one more test chair to work on before I take on my chairs.  The arm chair that matches the first one is waiting to be refreshed.

 I'm debating purchasing a professional sprayer.  I've been looking at a HVLP paint sprayer.   It's going to cost $400-500 but will allow me to transform my 6 dining room chairs (and the test chair!) and as many as other pieces of furniture as I can get my hands on!  Stay tuned!

Test chair #2... coming soon!
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