Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving thanks in the mountains.

We spent Thanksgiving at my parent's mountain home in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. It's about as close to heaven as you can get!  Below is a picture I took off the porch the first morning we were there.  The fog looks like a lake!   
We were leaving early Saturday and as we made a curve a donkey and two horses trotted out into the highway.  (Note the Christmas tree farm in the background.  They are everywhere in this area!)
The made their way into an open field and then up to the parking lot of a quaint stone church kicking up their heels with delight to be running free.  They eventually turned up a dead-end road.  We called some of the local folks to let them know we had 2 horses and a donkey on the loose!  It was a treat to see!
We were traveled on to neice's wedding in Waynesville, North Carolina.  The chapel of First Baptist Church is gorgeous!

The bride was even more beautiful! 
 Congratulations to Claire and John!

I was able to run through a couple of shops and galleries in downtown Waynesville.  It's such a great town!  If you have an opportunity to visit, I highly recommend a gallery/shop "Twigs and Leaves"
Twigs and Leaves specializes in remarkably fine crafts created by a host of mountain artisans - all with a theme of nature and the environment. 

Back in Little Switzerland, North Carolina, home of Hatcher Haven,
our family mountain home, there are other good spots to check out as well.  Hearthside Homemades is a great little shop.    It's owned by Keith and Darlene Fletcher ...great folks!  They feature local and regional handcrafts including their own "These Blooming Dishes" they create by pressing wildflowers into clay and using a firing and glazing process that makes each piece a custom garden!  I have several pieces and love them!

I also found some good thrift, junk, antique and consignment shops in Spruce Pine, NC.  the closest "big" (?) city to Little Switzerland.  I'll try to shoot some pictures of my treasures for you.  Right now, I'm wiped out and I'm thanking God for a soft bed with an electric blanket and a pile of quilts to keep me warm.

Thanks to God for so many blessings!
My husband who tolerates my creative passions and the resulting clutter.  He's the love of my life and my best friend.  My sons who hold my heart.  I'm so proud of them.  And so, so many other people that I'm blessed to have in my life.  

May you be as blessed~

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wanted: Welcoming foyer with staircase

Next stop in the new house is a two story foyer with a staircase.  The foyer is a pretty good size  so I'm excited about doing something fun.  I want this area to give visitors a glimpse into our personalities.  I've got a cubby at the turn of the stairs and an open wall.  This is the only picture I took of the foyer when I was looking at the house.  To the right is an open wall.

So... in my dreams, I'd love see a beautiful secretary where the clock is currently sitting but since I don't have one I guess I'd better consider some other options!  

I've search "blogland" and found a foyer almost exactly the same layout and size.  I love this.  
Maybe I've found my answer?

I have a cabinet about this size.  I plan to paint it and add some interesting  hardware and I have lots of lamps to choose from.  Having the light on the right side corresponding the height of the stair rise is something I had not thought about. Nice touch!  I found a super cool lamp today at Goodwill that might be perfect for this spot!  

I think our foyer may be actually be a little more open than this.  I don't have a bench but I have been wanting one and have seen a few that may work.  I have a simple bench I can use until I get one like I'm thinking about.
I love Windsor chairs and this piece is AWESOME!! Add a cushion and some cute pillows.  Love it!
Here's another great look from a great blog I follow.
Go visit Kim at 

This is a great bench.  She also has another nice piece in this space.

From the look of the next photo, I think her foyer is almost exactly like our new place.  

I like everything she did but I do think I like the idea of a bench on the open wall and the table with lamps at the staircase.
(Post update:  I found this chest that I've bought and plan to use in the foyer.  I'm not sure if I'll paint it or leave it as is.)

I think I need to keep my eye open for a rug too. 
Any other suggestions?

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A new home to decorate! Starting with... the front porch!

Let the games begin!  We're packing up and getting ready to move into our new home.  So of course, I'm ponding how to add those special touches.  So let's start with the front entry.  It's a classic colonial style and since Mike and I tend to lean toward traditional decor it's perfect.  Of course, I'd like to add a little pizzazz.  

How about a burgundy red front door?  I bought a brass pineapple door knocker a while back.  I think it would be perfect!  I already have two urn planters that would look nice on either side of the front door.

I'm not crazy about the little black numbers.Maybe I can come up with a way to do the house numbers in an interesting way.  Any ideas?

I found a couple of options.
credit to: for this idea.  She painted these using enamel paint. 
Vinyl numbers available at the Picadilly Peddler's Etsy shop for $10 

Here's the same concept but on a red door using a white paint pen.

Another cute idea...
This idea came from The Happy Homebody's Blog.

  There was one more idea but I can't find the picture.  So I guess I'll be back later with more!
Give me your feedback on which you think will look best.  And do you think the red door is the best color pick???

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Make it a GREAT day!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can dreams come true?

I have always wanted a great screened porch to enjoy.  Now with the great porch at our new house, I'll have that space.  The fact that it's winter is of no consequence... I have lots of quilts.  So my friends, I need your help.  I want to put a swinging day bed on the porch.  Here are two that I like.  Which do you like?  Any other suggestions?   

Credit for photo:  AtticMag

I guess I'm drawn to the old white washed porch look but I'm open to others.  
Photo credit:  Aha Woodworks
May your day be blessed friends!  Make it a great one!
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tablescaping Fun at Then & Again!

My favorite consignment shop, Then & Again, here in Hendersonville, TN is loaded with lots of goodies for the holidays so I stopped by to help Stacey set up a few fun tablescapes using a mixture of items they had in stock.  If you live in the area be sure to stop by and take a look!  Here's a little preview!

Purple, Silver and White
Blue,White & Gold

Green Glass

I picked up two beautiful cut glass candle hurricanes while I was there!  Take a look at my Thanksgiving Table.
 Fun! Fun!!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Look what we bought!

This is be our new home as of January 5th!
My favorite place in the house - a long screened porch with a brick floor, high ceiling, and two great ceiling fans.

I can hardly wait to get in this kitchen!  

A side view.  I always loved saltbox styled homes. Totally cool!

Great landscaping with lots of interesting plants.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More treasures for staging (and me!)

Another fun weekend with Holley treasure hunting.  After staging two empty houses, my inventory is getting low!   Here are the finds of the weekend!
Yes... he is for staging.  Who could resist this little guy??  I found a cute denim pillow sham and will use them for a boys room.
A find for our highly sought after Bordallo Pinhiero Cabbage collection.  A mug for 40 cents!  Holley hasn't seen this one yet!  (Sorry girlfriend... found this on the way back to Nashville!)

A beautiful little frame with a pear. OK... doctored a bit.  I painted the pear green.  Pears should be green in my opinion.

JACKPOT!  Don't you just love this?  So cheery!
 Black & White Houndstooth Placemats at Pier One 20% off - Maybe $3 each?
White dinner plates - Goodwill $1 each
Yellow salad plates - Goodwill 50 cents
Pottery Barn "Dune" Cup and Saucer - Goodwill $1
(I got the yellow dinner plates too!)
I found six dragonflies.  I have no idea what they were used for originally but I love dragonflies and thought perhaps napkin rings would be cute.

More fun things later.  I'm working on holiday tablescape concepts to share with clients.  Perhaps I'll try out a few and show you the pics.  Stay tuned!