Thursday, December 20, 2012

August Projects

Continuing with my six month catch up.  
Here are the projects from August!

BEFORE.... This is a 1930's vanity that was in terrible shape.  It's the first piece of furniture that I had to strip before I could paint.

AFTER - This piece went to Then & Again Home Marketplace and is sold.

BEFORE - This Ethan Allen Piece was a thrift store find. 

AFTER - I've stored the hutch.  I like using just the base right now. This was a keeper.


AFTER - ASCP Old Ochre with a French Linen Wash.  This piece was painted for  Metal  & Petals in Hendersonville, TN.

BEFORE A great Lane Cedar Chest found at Goodwill.  It was a little pricey but I was in on a 20% off day so it was reasonable.

AFTER I debated painting the hardware.  This piece is sold.
Occassionally I pull out the small brushes!  This was an old flatware box that I  hand painted.   It was a gift to a family member.

This set was a done on a whim.  A friend had a can of ASCP Old Violet  so I used that for the chairs and chargers and vase and put that with a drop leaf table I painted French Linen.  I made a runner out of the fabric that used for the chairs so everything is tied together.  

We meet my husband's brothers and families in Bryson City each fall for a Labor Day camping weekend.  I found this little table at a local thrift shop and just happened to have some paints with me.  (go figure...) 

This was the result.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catching up --- July projects

WOW... It was July since I last posted so I thought it would be a good idea to at least TRY to get some of the projects I've done on here so I can start 2013 fresh.  The picture may not be the best but I got so caught up in doing that I didn't document as well.  Nonetheless...I wanted to at least keep track and share with my blogger friends.  So... here we go!  

Let's start with JULY
I bought this 1930s kitchen table and chairs from a friend and painted them Annie Sloan's Old Ochre (my favorite ASCP "White")  Since this picture, I've switched out the fabric on the chairs to a buffalo check.
This set has an interesting story... The chairs were a Goodwill find at $6 each - handmade in Yugoslavia.  The table base is the remains of a $5 table.  I ripped the top off and painted the wooden base.  The top... that's my favorite... I had a thick sheet of table glass that I had been given.  It fit the table base perfectly.  I flipped it over and started painting the design you see.  Layer after layer (drying in between) until I had what you see here.

It was a fun project and one anyone could do.  Just pick the colors you like and go for it!

The ladies writing desk was a great find.  I simply painted with ASCP graphite.  It sold within an hour of being in the store.  :-)

I can't claim this one.  My son, Robert, found this piece at a garage sale and painted it himself.  Awesome job right?  

I had a mahogany dining room set with six chairs that I had bought for staging.  It was in rough shape so I decided to  split it up a bit.  

I got on an Annie Sloan "Emperor's Silk" kick.    This was an old oak chair I had.   Love the red!

My husband bought an oak bedroom set from the prior owner of our home.  I'm not an oak fan so it was fair game.  My son, Robert actually painted all of the pieces in the set.  I just supervised a bit.

Another piece from that set.

This is another piece from the oak set.  This one was painted ASCP French Linen.
We had fun doing this set.  ASCP Arles with a Zebra print.  

More Emperor's Silk!  

This is a piece I did for a my friend Karen who owns a great shop, Metal and Petals, in Hendersonville, TN .  Check our her FaceBook page and tell he I sent you!
Yet another piece of the oak bedroom set.  This one is painted Florence, a new ASCP color.  Robert decided to use the dark wax on this one.  A very popular piece!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Settee Sitting Pretty

I convinced my DH to stop by a thrift store while we were in Nashville a week or so ago.  I found this little settee and knew it had to go home with us!  It needed a little updating and I thought the pack was a little plain but it had the making of a wonderful piece!

Less than 12 hours later.... 

Ready to go to Then & Again Home Marketplace to find a new home!
I added the medallion to the back to dress it up a bit, painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint's Duck Egg, distressed it and recovered the seat with some cute fabric.  

What a fun piece to work on!  Now on to the next one!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer junkin' - Round 1

I'm on a trip around the south with my hubby and while he's golfing, fly fishing, or watching South Carolina play ball, guess what I'm doing.... 

A silverplate candleholder $2.... 6 new woven mustard colored napkins (perfect for fall!) 75 cents.

Some old spools of string.  $2  I could just picture these all piled up in a basket.
About 50 old knitting needles $4.  No... I don't knit but  I think they would love fabulous in an old mason jar or piece of pottery.  In fact, I found a picture of some on Country Living's website.

A book on child rearing from 1929.  Priceless.... I read a little bit of it and parts of pretty comical.  However, I would dare to say that mothers in our day and age could learn a few things from this one.  I'll probably use it as a baby shower gift to someday or sell it on Etsy.  

Isn't this apron a cutie?  It actually has a little flared skirt but I didn't get a good shot of it.  I'm not exactly Betty Crocker these days but it may be a cute one to hang up in the kitchen!

I found this in an antique mall near Waynesville, NC.  I don't think it's as old as they claimed due to the newer looking clasp.  BUT... I thought it was a unique piece.  

I love these little hand painted trays.  I guess they could be hung on the wall as a set.  I may look for some interesting ways to use them.  One is a little rusty but I'm a little rusty too.  You can't hold that against something that has aged.... right?
Not exactly a vintage find but a fun one, nonetheless!  He's heavy too!
Alright.... time to get dressed and head out on another treasure quest!!  More to come!  
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Goodwill, good paint, good hard work for a son home from college!

My son, Robert, is home for the summer after a successful freshman year at the University of Tennessee.  He looked for a job diligently but had little success.  He's trying to raise funds to take a trip to the Dominican Republic in late July and have a little saved for spending money next year.  When his job search became so desperate that he applied at Captain D's, I decided I'd let him in on my little secret.  
Goodwill, good paint and good hard work can pay off big!  
This is one of the first pieces Robert helped me with.  Total cost for the piece and supplies... $40.  Sold for $175 within about 2 weeks at our favorite shop, Then &Again Home Marketplace, in Hendersonville, Tennessee.
We painted the base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Step one was a coat was in Old Ochre and then we did a French Linen wash. I found these fabulous little knobs at Hobby Lobby... never seem them before or since.  They add a little tasteful bling.
A close ip of the knobs.  Great.... right?  :-)

We added this little decorative piece which added lots of character and covered a tacky little carved flower.  It's little touches like that can totally change a piece. 

Here's the little stool after we finished with it.  Want to see the before?

Lovely... right? And this is AFTER I cleaned all the disgusting gunk off of it.  
 Here's a "Before" of one of the drawers.  I'm not a pink person and this was NOT appealing to me.  (Sorry to you pinkies out there!  I'm in a house full of men!)

So... what do you think?  I just loved the final product. 

Oh... I didn't mention... Robert is now a masterful painted.  I think he's done over 10 pieces at this point.  I'll share more!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Side Table Gets a Whismsical Update!

Don't you just hate it when you forget the "Before" pictures?  
Not to worry this time... there must be thousands of this type nightstand so I found a picture online!  
I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the body of the piece.  Provence for the sides and Old Ochre for the top and drawers. 

Then I painted the design free-hand using acrylic paints in various colors.

I removed the original hardware and replaced it with crystal knobs with a metal bobeche .  

Clear wax protects the finish but doesn't dull the colors.

I have lots of projects I haven't posted.
Maybe I'll catch up one day.
Nah... probably not!  :-)

Take care my blogland friends!