Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes you just have to brag...

I'm usually looking for home decor and furniture when I go pickin' but today as I was about to leave Samaritan Center ( a local thrift shop), I decided to walk down an aisle that I usually skip.  This time I spotted something that looked leather...

It was a duffle bag. After a quick inspection I noted that it was like new.  No signs of use.  It was a Rawling leather duffle bag.  Yep... Rawlings, as in Rawlings baseball glove company.  So I bought it.  For.... $19.99.  Here's what is looks like.

I looked it up online. It's hard to find one in stock but when you do...

A little blurry but the price... $559.99.  It's cheaper on  Only $525!!  
My husband was very excited.  Not about the deal... about keeping it.  After a brief discussion, I convinced him that we were not in need of another piece of luggage!  It's on E-Bay as we speak!   Let's see what happens!   Treasure sales proceeds would be great justification for some new draperies for my bedroom.

NOW... if I could just stumble on a sofa or chair made out of this leather for a good price... now THAT will be a SUPER DOOPER brag day!

AN UPDATE!  It sold for $490!!!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

An impromptu painting class with a new friend!

One of the greatest benefits of my creative outlets would have to be all the great people I meet who have similar interest!  This weekend I enjoyed a great Saturday afternoon with my new friend, Shannon!  She had seen my work online and asked me to paint a couple pieces for her.  
Before and After 
She had also mentioned wanting to learn how to paint so when she dropped them off, I told her she was welcome to have a one-on-one class if she wanted to stay.  Her very sweet husband took the kids and kept them occupied for three hours while we played worked.  Now THAT, my friends, is the sign of a "keeper!"

She initially said she wanted it a solid yellow.  She had a super cute pillow with yellow, turquoise, pink, and green and wanted to match the yellow.  I had a turquoise primer so she decided to use that as a base coat and let a little show through.  We switched out the knobs for crystal knobs and painted the un-exposed parts of the drawer with the turquoise for a fun pop of color when you open it. It turned out very cute! 

She also had a bookcase.  It was stained but had a slightly rough finish.  That makes for a great base for painting and distressing but required a little sanding.  Not my favorite part of the process. (A reason I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!)
Before and After  Bookcase
We went with Sherwin Williams "Silvermist" for the bookcase.  It's one of my favorites!!!  A beautiful light blue gray with a touch of green.  She wanted a little white to show through so we sprayed the edges with a light coat of white primer and it worked perfectly!  We finished it off with and oil and beeswax finish.  Love it!  I hope Shannon enjoys it!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

OId frames, old furniture, old lamps, paint and stencils = busy weekend!

When I'm stressed I start creating things.  Obviously it's been a stressful week!
This is a frame I found at Goodwill.  I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and applied a dark wax finish.  I bought the handles at Lowe's for $2.50 and the fabric at Goodwill.  I stenciled the fabric chalk paint to match some other pieces.  

This is my favorite.  This was another Goodwill frame.  It was red and I painted it with Graphite chalk paint and distressed it slightly.  The handles cost less than $5.  The fabric is actually a napkin I had on hand.

I was on a roll!  I painted a lamp and lamp shade and stenciled it.  I also decided to make a vintage book bundle.  I simply walked through Goodwill's book section and looked for old yellowed paperback books with a tag with the half price color. 

And continuing the theme... I found this striped fabric at Goodwill.  I really like it on these pieces. 

I found this coffee table at a thrift store for $12.  

I painted it, distressed the finish a bit and added the stencils and finished it with an oil finish.

Another frame tray.  I didn't change the frame at all.  I simply added fabric behind the glass, added handles and added a back to support it.  Of course, I added the little rubber bumpers to protect furniture.

This is a ceramic plaque I found at Goodwill.  I tried chalk paint on it. It came out pretty well.

So that was last weekend's accomplishments.  It's Friday night at 7:20 and I've already got my bedroom paint trim cut in.  Tomorrow, we roll!  Can't wait to see the end result!!!   I'll share!

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