Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tuesday at Goodwill

Hi friends!  It's been awhile since I shared my treasure hunting bounty with you. Truth is ... there hasn't been much treasure hunting time lately.  However...I did escape briefly this past Tuesday to make a stop or two.   

I couldn't resist picking up 4 of these little salad plates. They go beautifully with my blue and white plates.

10 handpainted goblets (I'm getting spring fever!) And notice the platter with the green gingham border.  It goes with my Johnson Brother's Heritage dishes that I've had forever. 

Bird's Eye view of one goblet.  I love taking shots like this because it allows you to see all the details to the piece.  And this is what you see when you turn up the glass to take a drink!

An addition to my pottery collection.   

After a little research I discovered that the potter is Clyde Gobble, a master potter from North Carolina.  His work is available in galleries and in the Bob Timberlake shop in Blowing Rock.  He has some beautiful pieces.  I'd love to find more. I'd say it would be hard to beat the price I paid for the plate... 80 cents!  The pieces I found on line are about $85.

Another addition to the cabbage collection!  Two little cabbage votive holders. They were $1 each.   They are not Bordallo Pinhiero but will still look great with my collection! 
 I found 4 Pewter Wine Goblets in great shape.

I checked the engraved information on the bottom of each and checked for them online.

And here it is!  $56.00 a piece.  I like the $3.20 that I paid MUCH better!
This was a great find.  I originally thought it was a vase.  Once I got it home I figured it out.  It's a candle holder.  A cut lead crystal candle holder. 

LOVE this duvet cover.  It appears to have been handmade.  It's currently at my Mom's having some button holes and buttons added and then It's going to be on our guest bed.  And the best part... Only $2! 

A cookbook for my son who speaks French and loves to cook. 

More pewter.  These two tankards will go with some others I have.  I found them online for $68 a piece.  I paid(drumroll...) 80 cents!

I've never been a pink rose bone china girly girl type. However... I keep coming across these dishes and now have a full service for four.  These two teacups were 20 cents each.

I didn't really need more pillows but I loved this one so it's added to the collection!
Well... that's the latest!  I'm gearing up for a day of staging a beautiful home tomorrow.  Maybe I'll share photos!  Come visit again soon!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Foyer...After (at least for now!)

I posted a photo of the foyer of our new home that I took when we looked at the house.  If you want to see the earlier post with more windows, click here.  Here's a refresher of the BEFORE...

Here's the AFTER...

My original plan was to place a small chest of drawers there but it didn't go with the piece I used on the other wall so I went the this large round table for now.  A pineapple to say "welcome", a plant to add life, a light to add warmth and some framed pieces to represent family.

I love this lamp!  Don't you?  It has a dimmer switch so I can brighten up the area or use it almost like a night light in the hall. 
The baby is me... haven't changed a bit!  The next picture is my beautiful mother-in-law with my Michael as a young boy on the beach.  I love that picture!
 In an earlier post I showed some photos of foyers like mine with some ideas I liked.  One idea was a bench for the long wall.  HOWEVER... since I have no yet found the bench... I used a buffet.  What do you think?'

The painting is an original done by artist Debbie Richmond (Germantown, TN).  It's a painting of our family mountain home in Little Switzerland, NC.  I found the buffet at a neighbors garage sale.  It was missing the doors on each side and I found the baskets for those openings which adds a little casual twist.  We keep scarves and mittens in those.  Other than seeing my cords hanging down in the back... what do you think?  Not exactly what I wanted but it will work for now I suppose.
  Well, my Michael is off fly fishing this morning, my big boys are asleep, and I'm plotting my day.  Lots to do. Here's the list for the day:
  •  A couple furniture store visits to check out furniture for a client (and dear friend),
  • Check on a pending staging project (I can't stage until they pack and clean!),
  • A few errands (perhaps a little treasure hunting too??)
  • (and maybe) a little time to get lost in a painting or some other creative project. 
Oh yeah... 2010 tax preparation, clean my closet a bit and other mundane tasks.  Maybe later on those!  ;-)
Have a great day!