Friday, March 18, 2011

Delicious Dining Rooms

The dining room in our new home is very nice.  I can live with it but it's not exactly our style.  I asked my sweet husband what he likes most about the dining room now.  The floors ... a beautiful heart pine.. are a favorite for both of us.   He also likes the drapes.  I asked him what he likes about them and he said the add formality to the room. Oddly enough, when I asked what feel he wanted for the room, he said "Comfortable and inviting, not formal."  So we decided we like the finished feel of the room with the drapes.

So... now I'm on the hunt for the look that fits our style and will allow us to use what we have for the most part.

I've never been the frilly crystal type but I think I'd like to use a crystal chandelier  - perhaps with  black shades.

This dining table and chairs are very close to ours.  I like this room - especially the blue walls, chandelier and rug.  But I want something unique.  Traditional... but different.  Does that make sense?

So on the hunt to find a way to keep within our budget (little to nothing!) and create a great look....
I am LOVING these chairs!

This Davis Cabinet China Cabinet is available at one of my favorite shops.  It's a GREAT piece and  waiting for me to bring it home. 
Here's a sad picture of our dining room right after we moved in.

SO... Here's the proposed "To Do" List.

  1. Remove the armoire in the corner (currently holding china!)
  2. Paint the small piece to match the China Cabinet.
  3. Buy the china cabinet
  4. Order the Chandelier
  5. Have the chairs painted to match and recover the seat cushions
  6. Paint the walls  - I'm thinking about something like Sherwin Williams "Silvermist" which is a muted gray/blue/green.
  7. Switch out the formal draperies for something less formal but still floor to ceiling.
  8. Replace the light fixture with a chandelier that I actually like. Nothing picked out yet.
  9. Find a light rug to go under the table.
  10. Enjoy! 
  11. Post pictures to The Alligator Box so you can see the finished product!
  12. Move on to the next room!
I'd love to have your input and suggestions!

Thanks for stopping by!



Infatuated with Homes and Gardens said...

I love the first one especially the duck egg blue on the walls:)

Steven Sieja said...

How much was the asking price on this unit? I myself have just inherited one and wondering what to do with it?