Monday, April 18, 2011

Treasure Hunting Jackpot!

I needed a thrill today!  I grabbed a few small silver trays today at Goodwill.  Two were $1.49 and one was .99.   I got 20% off because Monday is "Buy $25 get $5 off" day.  So, here's the 99 80 cent bread plate I found.  

As I was cleaning it up, I read the back... Wallace Sterling  4640-9  Rose Point.  I quickly checked online and here's what I found...

Pretty cool- eh? Replacements has this pattern but do not have the bread plate so they don't list the price.

OK... Find number two.  A Vera Bradley Chanticleer Rooster Backpack.  It was retired in 2002 but I found a few selling online for over $40.  

I paid $1 at a local thrift store.  
Lots' more but I needed to share my excitement with someone and the guys in my house don't get as jazzed as my online friends!  More to come!

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Carmella said...

Wow! I would say those are some pretty great finds!! Great job!