Sunday, July 18, 2010

Treasure hunting on Hilton Head Island, SC

We just returned from our vacation.  What fun!  It was a our second trip to Hilton Head Island.  This time we stayed at The Disney Resort.  I have developed my thrift store shopping habit since our last visit so I was eager to see if there were any shops on the island.  I couldn't believe the number of great shops I found.  In fact I didn't get to check all of them out but here are the ones I found and a sampling of things I picked up.  I could only buy small items which was a disappointment because I found some great pieces of furniture.  Maybe I should go back with a trailer next time?  LOL

So... here's the haul!

My favorite find of the trip.  Hear not evil, See no evil, Speak no evil BUNNIES!!! 
from the Savannah visitor center gift shop.

"The Litter Box" 
A thrift shop supports the Hilton Head Island Humane Society.

I found these cute little flower pot napkin rings for $2

I love any dishes produced by Bordallo Pinhiero of Portugal.  
I found thee of their red Morning Glory Pattern  for $1 each.  

I love the Arts and Crafts period and I found four of these light fixture globes for $2 each.  

I also found an awesome lamp but let Mom have it for the mountain house.  
Check this out!  $15!

A closer look at the carving.  It still needs a clean up job but will be beautiful when it's shined up a bit.

"The Bargain Box" is the oldest thrift shop on the island.  
Over thrity years, they have raised over $11 million for local charities.  It helps when donors give airplanes, furs, etc!!!  They are only open a few hours on certain days and it is a popular place.  I wish I had made it earlier in the week to see the selection after the weekend. The prices were awesome.  As an example....

This embroidered linen table topper is in perfect condition.  $1

I beautiful wooden box with a nice velvet lined box in perfect condition.  I'm not sure what it was designed for  but thought it would be nice to hold jewelry.

In addition to the thrift shops, there is a HOME GOODS store.  

I found two plates to go with my red transferware collection for $2 each.  I thought they matched a casserole I had found a month or two ago but it's not the same pattern.  Close though!

And STEIN MART where I found this great easel for $19.99.

Other finds... sea shell collection $10 at WalMart

I wish I had had more time and space in the car.  Other great shops I checked out but didn't buy at...
Low Country Cancer Thrift Store.

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Leslie @ goodbye, house! HELLO, HOME! said...

One problem with this WHOLE POST!!
You did not take me along.
My favorite have to be the bunnies!! They are adorumble!
I hope you were relaxed when you got home!