Sunday, July 25, 2010

A busy, busy weekend!

It's been a fun filled weekend!  I found this wall quote at Hobby Lobby and thought it was a great fit for our family.  I put it up today.  It was VERY easy and everyone loves it.  

I had been planning on making a chandelier cord cord for quite some time but never seem to get to that so when I saw this one a Hobby Lobby 50% off, I decided to grab it.  MUCH easier than sewing and it looks pretty good.  Much better than that chain!

Chandelier Cord Cover
Plate Rack with my Pinhiero Bordallo Morning Glory Plates
and my new rooster plates.  
I had been wondering what to do with the set of 3 
until I found the fourth.
Isn't he the cutest???
And here's the big project of the weekend!  A desk painted for Julia and Mike at Then and Again.  I can't wait for them to see it!
Want to see the "before" version???

I'm working on a mirror that would go with this.  It's almost ready and I'll shoot a picture of it and post it later.

The coffee table under the desk is a project Gerald, my oldest son, is working on.  He has some great ideas.  I'll show you the final version later.

Thanks for stopping by.  

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Holley said...

Love the desk! VERY cute and creative!! And I love the wall lettering....I have been looking for one for the prayer room that says" BE Still and Know that I am God." Perfect for that room!