Monday, October 3, 2011

Amazing Flower Market in Seattle

My husband and I are in Washington State celebrating 11 wonderful years together and to join in the celebration of our nephew's wedding.  I thought I'd share our trip with my blog friends.  So day one... Pike's Place Market on the waterfront.  Listed as a Seattle "must see."

We've learned that overcast skies and rain are the norm here.  It doesn't stop massive crowds from making their way to the market and once you get there, you see why.  The flowers, vegetables, and seafood markets are something to behold.  

This is the beautiful bouquet Mike bought me.  $10!  What a deal!  They are now beautifully displayed in our room at the bed and breakfast we're staying at.  The lillies are starting to open now!

From my bouquet....

Aren't these beautiful?  This is the one in my bouquet.

Imagine shopping here each day!  I think I'd enjoy that!
Without the crowds, of course!

Believe it or not... there was not seafood smell!  FRESH!
This is the famous market where they throw the fish but we didn't get to witness that event.
We paused for a light lunch at Athenian Inn overlooking the water.  Shrimp Bisque  with a hummus and pita appetizer.  Everything was delicious.
We were able to watch the Bainbridge Island Ferry depart.  We'll take that on Thursday as we cross Puget Sound to Port Gamble.

We are probably heading back during the week when the market is less crowded.

Stay tuned for our trip to Mt Ranier!


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