Monday, October 17, 2011

Garage Sale Winners!

 Sometimes you find nothing.  And sometimes... sometimes ... you find something great.  I always pick my best find and crown it the winner.  The winner this week was a little rocker. We had stopped by an estate sale near our house and as we left, I saw the neighbor putting out some things
Small rocker with detailed painting.

It was while I was cleaning it that I noticed the markings on the back.  L. Hitchcock, Hitchcock-wille, Conn. Warranted"  With the "N"s backwards.  I started searching!
I found this one. 
This one is black and has been restored, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.  This one is selling for $450 at   I paid $5.00 for mine!

OK... other finds....
VERY rusty patio tea cart - $5

Danish Modern Sewing Cabinet (no machine) $5
This photo is the back said.  The front has a door and a cane insert.  I think I'm going to girly this piece up.  I'm not sure what it will look like so stay tuned. 
A  faux brass headboard with smashed in finials.  $1

  Transformed with brushed nickel spray paint and capping off with the parts that were in good shape.
Nothing fancy but I can use this in my staging work to give the appearance of a real bed when used with thick air mattresses.

I have several other goodies I've found to work on.  I'll share those with you soon!

Make it a great day!

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