Saturday, December 18, 2010

Living Room Ideas

We're packing to move to our new home the first of January.  For someone who helps others with their home decor on a regular basis, it's tough to know where to start with my own.  The following pictures were taken when we were house hunting.  I'll have a clean slate to work with.

Challenge # 1 ...Where to put the television.  I'd like to create a seating area around the fireplace so we're thinking about putting the television above the opening on the right and putting the components in that space. 

The back of the room has a nice bay window overlooking the screened porch and a door to the porch.  The door to the right of that leads to the master bedroom.

The opposite end of the room is on the front of the house.  There are three windows.  I plan to use the draperies that my Mom and I made for our current home.  I'm short one set but purchased the fabric to make another set. Hopefully Mom will be able to help me again.  I'm not sure I can remember how we made them!  I have thick black curtain rods that I can on these windows and an long one to match that will work on the bay window.   

The bay window is shallow so no window seat here!  I think it will be a nice place for a few plants.
I think my piano will end up in front of this window because this area will be seen from the entry hall.
Now on to another room... Come along!

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Designing Lady Jane said...

I LOVE that fireplace. I don't think I'd have the heart to put the tv there, I'd feel like they were competing for attention. I know, I know, then you would have the issue of how to arrange seating to face both the tv and fireplace. Good luck with the move, I'm sure the furniture placement will take care of itself, even if it takes a few change ups. Congratulations on your lovely new home.