Saturday, December 11, 2010

Letting go of the old and embracing the new!

We're moving to a new house soon and I'm thinking through the furniture and trying to determine what will go where.  Some pieces just don't seem to fit.  And today I found some I thought might!
A medium size chest of drawers seems perfect for the foyer at the bend of the stairs.  On sale today 50% off!  Only $39.50! (I'm strutting around like the bargain hunting champion!)

A high rise night stand to go with our new bed (See below)  This was 50% off at $45.

The bed I had already purchase.  Sick I didn't get it for 50% off but I love it and think it will be awesome in our new place.  It's actually a platform bed with drawers underneath.  Very cool!

The piece de resistance!  This GORGEOUS Dresser!  LOVE IT!  50% off ... only $125!

Check out the curved front!

Now to find the pieces that I'll have to let go... mmm... better think on that awhile!  Happy hunting ladies!

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