Friday, December 24, 2010

Enjoying Christmas Decorations in Blogland!

Since we are in the midst of moving this year, we voted as a family to keep our Christmas decorating to a minimum.  I'm not dreaming of a White Christmas (although we may actually have one this year!)  I'm dreaming of how I'll decorate our new home next Christmas!!  So here are some of my favoraite ideas I've seen on other blogs!

Let's start with Lori at My Heart With Pleasure Fills!  I  just love her simple ideas.  Take a look!

A simple wreath, the addition of garland to make it fuller and then gluing ornaments and other sparkling goodies!  Gorgeous!

She hung jingle bells from the mirror by tartan plaid ribbon and then tied live greenery with a ribbon bow and secured it atop the ribons.  So cute!

A cute simple touch of whimsy!
  Check out other great ideas at My Heart With Pleasure Fills! 


As always I found some great ideas from Kim at

I just painted a frame exactly like this for the new house.  I love this idea!
Another cute and simple idea!
A great idea for using a silver tray and a little more sanitary than having guests share a towel during cold season!
Great ideas Kim!
Savvy Southern Style

I found a new blog to add to my favorites...  What a beautiful home.  With a house full of men, I don't know that it would work in my world so I'll just have to go visit Carolyn's! 

That's all for now.  I'll be dreaming (and blogging) more later but for now... more boxes to pack!
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