Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First of the Month Goodwill frenzy

Half price plus 10% off... I just can't resist! 
Here are the treasures from this past Saturday.

Silver Pitcher $1.80
Cabbage Salt and Pepper Shakers $1.20
Vintage Avon Cologne Bottle
Label Vintage Avon Cologne Bottle
Lace Trimmed Sheers and Valance
Green Pea Lidded Casserole
6 Ivory Linen Embroidered Corner Napkins
5 Butterfly Salad Plates
Detail of Butterfly Plates
Vintage Lidded Rooster Box
Custom made Valance and Shower Curtain
2 Salad Plates with Navy and Gold Trim $ .40


DesigningLadyJane said...

Wow, what a haul you've gotten! I love those cabbage salt and pepper shakers, and of course they pair beautifully with that green lidded casserole dish, I wonder if they were from the same collection? Those butterly salad dishes are wonderful as well, there are so many possibilities for those, I'm sure you'll find lots of settings to put them in.

Holley said...

Went to Goodwill here...not as large a selection. I am proud of your finds!! Love those butterfly plates and the cabbage shakes and green pea bowl! Is it our brand???