Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Catching up --- July projects

WOW... It was July since I last posted so I thought it would be a good idea to at least TRY to get some of the projects I've done on here so I can start 2013 fresh.  The picture may not be the best but I got so caught up in doing that I didn't document as well.  Nonetheless...I wanted to at least keep track and share with my blogger friends.  So... here we go!  

Let's start with JULY
I bought this 1930s kitchen table and chairs from a friend and painted them Annie Sloan's Old Ochre (my favorite ASCP "White")  Since this picture, I've switched out the fabric on the chairs to a buffalo check.
This set has an interesting story... The chairs were a Goodwill find at $6 each - handmade in Yugoslavia.  The table base is the remains of a $5 table.  I ripped the top off and painted the wooden base.  The top... that's my favorite... I had a thick sheet of table glass that I had been given.  It fit the table base perfectly.  I flipped it over and started painting the design you see.  Layer after layer (drying in between) until I had what you see here.

It was a fun project and one anyone could do.  Just pick the colors you like and go for it!

The ladies writing desk was a great find.  I simply painted with ASCP graphite.  It sold within an hour of being in the store.  :-)

I can't claim this one.  My son, Robert, found this piece at a garage sale and painted it himself.  Awesome job right?  

I had a mahogany dining room set with six chairs that I had bought for staging.  It was in rough shape so I decided to  split it up a bit.  

I got on an Annie Sloan "Emperor's Silk" kick.    This was an old oak chair I had.   Love the red!

My husband bought an oak bedroom set from the prior owner of our home.  I'm not an oak fan so it was fair game.  My son, Robert actually painted all of the pieces in the set.  I just supervised a bit.

Another piece from that set.

This is another piece from the oak set.  This one was painted ASCP French Linen.
We had fun doing this set.  ASCP Arles with a Zebra print.  

More Emperor's Silk!  

This is a piece I did for a my friend Karen who owns a great shop, Metal and Petals, in Hendersonville, TN .  Check our her FaceBook page and tell he I sent you!
Yet another piece of the oak bedroom set.  This one is painted Florence, a new ASCP color.  Robert decided to use the dark wax on this one.  A very popular piece!

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