Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer junkin' - Round 1

I'm on a trip around the south with my hubby and while he's golfing, fly fishing, or watching South Carolina play ball, guess what I'm doing.... 

A silverplate candleholder $2.... 6 new woven mustard colored napkins (perfect for fall!) 75 cents.

Some old spools of string.  $2  I could just picture these all piled up in a basket.
About 50 old knitting needles $4.  No... I don't knit but  I think they would love fabulous in an old mason jar or piece of pottery.  In fact, I found a picture of some on Country Living's website.

A book on child rearing from 1929.  Priceless.... I read a little bit of it and parts of pretty comical.  However, I would dare to say that mothers in our day and age could learn a few things from this one.  I'll probably use it as a baby shower gift to someday or sell it on Etsy.  

Isn't this apron a cutie?  It actually has a little flared skirt but I didn't get a good shot of it.  I'm not exactly Betty Crocker these days but it may be a cute one to hang up in the kitchen!

I found this in an antique mall near Waynesville, NC.  I don't think it's as old as they claimed due to the newer looking clasp.  BUT... I thought it was a unique piece.  

I love these little hand painted trays.  I guess they could be hung on the wall as a set.  I may look for some interesting ways to use them.  One is a little rusty but I'm a little rusty too.  You can't hold that against something that has aged.... right?
Not exactly a vintage find but a fun one, nonetheless!  He's heavy too!
Alright.... time to get dressed and head out on another treasure quest!!  More to come!  
Thanks for stopping by!  Be sure to let me know you were here!  I love meeting new blog friends


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