Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Multiple versions of one home's decor.

I was blessed with the opportunity to meet a wonderful lady this week.  She and her family moved to the area recently and she called me to assist her in decorating her new home.  I researched the home online and found some interesting photos taken at varying points in time.  It appears some were made while the former owners were in residence.  Another set appears to be while the home was staged for sale.
This is the formal dining room.  I would assume this to be the former owners  items.

Here's the same dining room staged in a minimalistic style. 
The living room vacant.  Two story living rooms are always a challenge to decorate so I was eager to see what had been done in the past. 
Here's the living room with the former owners furniture and accessories.
The same living room staged.  Note the floors have been switched to hardwood.  The upper level  was  not decorated.
The Sun Room off the kitchen with the former owner's items.

Another version of the sun room.  Chocolate brown walls and very modern graphic draperies.   AND new wood floors.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom staged.
I love home design!  I love seeing spaces transformed into warm and welcoming spaces.  Perhaps we'll be able to post an update of these rooms one day with the new homeowners style represented.

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