Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Mid-Century Modern Discovery

Long, long ago in a not so far away land I started college as an interior design student.  One assignment was to study designers  that made an impact on a particular period of architectural and design  history.  I picked Mies Van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright, leaders in the Mid-Century modern movement.  Mid-century modernism is defined by organic form, clean lines, simplicity and an integration with nature.  Beautiful woods like teak and rosewood were used in designer pieces and well crafted pieces are now collector items.

I have an appreciation for all periods of design to some extent but my home choices tend to be more traditional. When I found four Mid-Century Modern dining chairs in a local thrift shop, Samaritan Center Thrift Shop.  I didn't buy them but couldn't get them off my mind!  I went back to my office and tried to look them up but couldn't find the exact chairs.  Nonetheless... retro is in and these are classic! My sweet husband offered to run back to pick them up.  Here's what they looked like when I got them home...

I can't begin to describe how much nasty I wiped off these!  The wood is beautiful!  
Here's the finished product....

I started to cover them in fur for a funky look but couldn't find a high quality faux fur. Just as well... This is a fun look too.

I'm not sure where these will end up but they've been fun to work on.  Depending on how much they go for... I may start liking this style a little more!! :-)

Have a great weekend friends!

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