Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Foyer...After (at least for now!)

I posted a photo of the foyer of our new home that I took when we looked at the house.  If you want to see the earlier post with more windows, click here.  Here's a refresher of the BEFORE...

Here's the AFTER...

My original plan was to place a small chest of drawers there but it didn't go with the piece I used on the other wall so I went the this large round table for now.  A pineapple to say "welcome", a plant to add life, a light to add warmth and some framed pieces to represent family.

I love this lamp!  Don't you?  It has a dimmer switch so I can brighten up the area or use it almost like a night light in the hall. 
The baby is me... haven't changed a bit!  The next picture is my beautiful mother-in-law with my Michael as a young boy on the beach.  I love that picture!
 In an earlier post I showed some photos of foyers like mine with some ideas I liked.  One idea was a bench for the long wall.  HOWEVER... since I have no yet found the bench... I used a buffet.  What do you think?'

The painting is an original done by artist Debbie Richmond (Germantown, TN).  It's a painting of our family mountain home in Little Switzerland, NC.  I found the buffet at a neighbors garage sale.  It was missing the doors on each side and I found the baskets for those openings which adds a little casual twist.  We keep scarves and mittens in those.  Other than seeing my cords hanging down in the back... what do you think?  Not exactly what I wanted but it will work for now I suppose.
  Well, my Michael is off fly fishing this morning, my big boys are asleep, and I'm plotting my day.  Lots to do. Here's the list for the day:
  •  A couple furniture store visits to check out furniture for a client (and dear friend),
  • Check on a pending staging project (I can't stage until they pack and clean!),
  • A few errands (perhaps a little treasure hunting too??)
  • (and maybe) a little time to get lost in a painting or some other creative project. 
Oh yeah... 2010 tax preparation, clean my closet a bit and other mundane tasks.  Maybe later on those!  ;-)
Have a great day!


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