Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wanted: Welcoming foyer with staircase

Next stop in the new house is a two story foyer with a staircase.  The foyer is a pretty good size  so I'm excited about doing something fun.  I want this area to give visitors a glimpse into our personalities.  I've got a cubby at the turn of the stairs and an open wall.  This is the only picture I took of the foyer when I was looking at the house.  To the right is an open wall.

So... in my dreams, I'd love see a beautiful secretary where the clock is currently sitting but since I don't have one I guess I'd better consider some other options!  

I've search "blogland" and found a foyer almost exactly the same layout and size.  I love this.  
Maybe I've found my answer?

I have a cabinet about this size.  I plan to paint it and add some interesting  hardware and I have lots of lamps to choose from.  Having the light on the right side corresponding the height of the stair rise is something I had not thought about. Nice touch!  I found a super cool lamp today at Goodwill that might be perfect for this spot!  

I think our foyer may be actually be a little more open than this.  I don't have a bench but I have been wanting one and have seen a few that may work.  I have a simple bench I can use until I get one like I'm thinking about.
I love Windsor chairs and this piece is AWESOME!! Add a cushion and some cute pillows.  Love it!
Here's another great look from a great blog I follow.
Go visit Kim at 

This is a great bench.  She also has another nice piece in this space.

From the look of the next photo, I think her foyer is almost exactly like our new place.  

I like everything she did but I do think I like the idea of a bench on the open wall and the table with lamps at the staircase.
(Post update:  I found this chest that I've bought and plan to use in the foyer.  I'm not sure if I'll paint it or leave it as is.)

I think I need to keep my eye open for a rug too. 
Any other suggestions?

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