Monday, June 28, 2010

Wedding Decorations

The daughter of my dear friend and co-worker, Lydia got married Saturday.  I offered to provide some of the decorations.  We had a tight budget but somehow that makes the challenge more fun!  

The colors were Icey Blue and Pale Yellow.  To add color, we made blue runners for the tables (broadcloth - cost $9 for 10 tables) and topped the runner with Goldfish bowls filled with water and added pearls in the bottom and live flowers floating on top.

I wanted to create a little drama and decided to try making a tree.  My sons helped gather branches.  We  sprayed them white and used styrofoam and plater of paris to secure them in a terra cotta pot which was later painted with a brushed silver spray paint.
Then I cut pieces of iridescent beads from a roll and used a hot glue gun to attach plastic chandelier "crystals."  I also found these beautiful glittered butterflies and attached them to clear fishing line.  

I also had some beaded garland from my Christmas decorating box that was a nice filler.

I added two puck lights at the base and filled in with large crystals.  Here's the final result.

I wanted to balance the tree with additional pieces on the punch and cake tables.  I carried the theme further by painting long willow branches white and sticking them in metal urns that I painted with the silver paint.  I covered the styrofoam base with tulle and loaded it with iridescent pearls. I illuminated the arrangement on the cake table but let the lighted punch fountain light the other one.  

I couldn't resist showing you the beautiful bride and groom. 
Congratulations Audrey and Spencer!!

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