Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At the risk of sounding like a Goodwill addict....

This hand-thrown pottery teapot with little airplanes is obviously not from a highly skilled potter but I'd love to know how to thrown pottery and so when I see a piece like this, I just have to give it a home. Besides... how many pottery teapots do you know that have airplanes on them?? Cute!

A unique 2 bulb wall fixture for $2.25. I'll use this to replace an old one in a future house I stage (there's always an opportunity to replace a builder grade ugly light fixture!) I will probably paint it either a cream color or bronze it depending on the room. That and two nice glass globes and it'll be great! Who knows, I may put this in my house! It's kind of interesting.

Off to find more! Take care! Lori

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