Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tables to stage and treasures to find

I recently decided to focus more time on building my staging business, Lori Bishop Designs.  I already have several Realtors that call me on a regular basis but it's time to take this a little more seriously and make my dream a reality.  Thanks to loyal clients who pass the word along, I'm busier than I could imagine and I love it!  Today I spent some time developing tablescapes for several properties I have pending.  I needed color in several homes so I bought the napkins above  and started dragging out my dish collection.  It's like painting with tableware!  

This is an update to Kinwood, an earlier post.  the Realtor wasn't crazy about the tablecloth and had hoped for something more dramatic since the ceiling was so high.  I'm not thrilled with this but it's minus the tablecloth and the tall candlesticks add some height and drama.  I just can't seem to get this one to a point that I can say I love it.  Frustrating!

I did find this great coffee table and the matching side table at a garage sale last weekend.  $40 for both!

Did I ever show you my front door "after" shot?  I really like it!

I found these pewter bowls and the mug at Goodwill for $1.49 each.  I've always liked pewter.  These are great  to use for salad.  I place them in the freezer first, then set them out for salads.  Everything stays crispy and cold.  

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Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hi, Lori! So glad to *meet* you! Thank you for your kind words about The Brick Street Bungalow; we do love our old Arts and Crafts girl. Looks like you are doing a great job "painting" with decor! You have a very nice sense of style! I'll be back to visit (may be a little sporadic for the next couple of weeks since we just welcomed a brand new member to our family). blessings ~ tanna